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I tried searching the site if anyone has relocated their canister yet but had no luck???? Soooo im asking now..... Has anyone up in here relocated their Emissions Canister? Preferably Inside the L&M Chin Scoop???? I wanted to know How & Where did you get longer hoses for the relocation???? & if you can post up pictures and how 2's
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At the end of the week my V&H pipes are coming in and will be installed with air intake and power commander and all that CA Emissions crap is being pulled off. After it’s done I’ll ask the shop what they did with the hoses etc.. and report back.
Boolshot said:
Are they ever going to smog bikes?
And if CA does start the bike smog testing will it be from that year’s model on or will it be retroactive, .. all bikes from yr 2000 frwd need smog checks…?
Yes when my mods are installed at the end of this week I plan to keep all stock parts, just in case..
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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