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I tried searching the site if anyone has relocated their canister yet but had no luck???? Soooo im asking now..... Has anyone up in here relocated their Emissions Canister? Preferably Inside the L&M Chin Scoop???? I wanted to know How & Where did you get longer hoses for the relocation???? & if you can post up pictures and how 2's
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One line goes up and over to the top of the throttle body (it's the one closest to the air filter), just pull hose off and cap using clamp that was holding tube. As per another members post, I found a pack of assorted rubber caps at Auto Zone for about $2. The other line goes up to what I assume to be a check valve, which in turn leads to the fuel tank. I just pulled the tube off the bottom of the check valve. Valve is securely mounted, so no further action required. Canister itself comes off easily, but bracket has to be cut off. I haven't cut mine yet, it still looks a lot better.
Coo thanks Mike Ill figure something out.... L&M used to have a video on how to install the chinscoop and in it had a how to on the emissions canister relocation.... i know i can just get some rubber tubes or high temp ones but i like how the OEM tubes has that 90dgz angle to it and im looking for something like that
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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