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ape hange help

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Hi everyone,
could you please tell me if the ape in the figure is compatible with our bikes
I'm especially interested in the size circled in red (in inches > 5 1/2)
Thank you
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11,5 is the - not absolutely exactly - width at center holes but with that height -handlebar+ risers- you will have to extend wires I think..
Thanks man
Yesterday with my mechanic we measured the handlebars and risers and, flattening the riser hump a bit, it should fit. for the cables I took the accelerator and clutch cables +9" while the brake one Will be done by the mechanical. To lengthen the handlebar control cable, the guys at #dressupmotorcycle have created an ad hoc kit for our bike.. Let's hope everything goes for the best
1 - 2 of 4 Posts