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Ape hangers?

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Can't seem to find a pic of a stryker with apes - anyone been able to do this?
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There is probably a good reason nobody put apes on a Stryker yet. lol. The pic of Raiders with apes on them.
mikoloe said:
mine are 12"s with a 4" risor to clear the tank with the cluster. I should be shoulder length high. Not like this guy in the video...

Most states have no limit on height, but ya shoulder height.

mikoloe said:
Thanks again Toby, I saw a guy at Sturgis get pulled over for his apes being to high. I didn't know how high was too high at the time but I got this off your link you posted.

Handlebar Height: Handgrips up to 6" above shoulder height
Your welcome.
3 things I would consider for height would be how long of rides do you plan on doing? Above your shoulders I think your arms would tier faster. Some people with apes swear that's not true but I'm not believing that. Doubt they have ever rode ride out a full tank of gas in the mountains or took a 8 to 10 ride without stopping every 1/2 hr.
#2, are you hands and arms going to get in the way of vision in any way.
#3, what's going to happen if you get in a wreck?
I put these on, 4" up and 2" back and the only thing that needs to be changed is the clutch cable.
I'm going for this look!

that puts your hand too far from your beer doesn't it?

Is that a beer mug mounted on the top of his sisy bar?
You sniffed that one out didn't ya lol.
1 - 8 of 40 Posts
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