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Avon Black cushioned grips with spike ends

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I know there has been numerous threads about grips but I cannot find the thread that had a blue stryker with the black avons with spikes installed. I have searched with no luck. Can anyone that has the grips installed please post a pic and also let me know if there were any installation issues and how they are holding up. thanks guys (and gals);)
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I got the ISO black grips and painted the stillettos black. Added the contoured throttle boss on right side. I think I am going to like it. Also FYI the stillettos are made of metal and are about the same weight as the factory end weights which should help more with any vibration. Pics arent very good. I will post more later in the sunlight. Grips were a breeze to install, fit like a glove.
Where did you get the stilettos, I like the look of them.

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you can get them at most any kuryakyn dealer such as dennis kirk, jp cycle, cruiser customizing to name a few. I called kuryakyn and they are not going to produce them in black so I had to paint mine.
Cool thanks, I'll end up painting or having them powder coated cause I want them in black.

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I liked them until my wife had to add her two cents and say that they looked like an anal toy. Now it makes me wonder what the **** she has been doing with her time, LMAO
That's too funny.

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