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Awesome free new APP for motorcyclists

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I think this is a fantastic idea. Spread the word to all riders.


CRADAR is a man-down application that runs on any Android phone.

CRADAR senses when you fall, waits 30-120 seconds (whatever you set it for), and if it doesn't see you move at least 8 feet, sends a text message to one of your contacts telling them you might be hurt. This gives your contact a chance to call you to see if you're ok.

In the text message is a link to Google Maps with your GPS coordinates.

If they don't get an answer, they know exactly where you are, and have the GPS coordinates so other people can find you too.
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There is a free APP for the iPhone as well. It's called MEC or Mobile Emergency Call. It does pretty much the same thing as the Android App but does not send a text message. It only does email and voice call. Not exactly sure how the call part would work as when you set it to motorcycle (it as has car and bicycle settings) it asks if it's going to be mounted on the bars or in a pocket or backpack. Couldn't set it off by throwing it on the bed as Joe did. I'm guessing this is because it not only monitors the accelerometer but also speed. Which is a good thing I guess because it would be hard to accidentally set it off and in a crash you're going to go from some sort of speed to a stop. I'm going to play with it tomorrow (in the car) and see if I can slam on the brakes and throw it down at the same time to see if it activates. Will report back with more info. This was a great find Joe, really got me thinking. Thanks
Sorry it's taken so long to get back on this but that's how it goes. Unfortunately, after several attempts (without actually crashing) I couldn't trigger an emergency call. Still trying to find something proven for iPhone so if anyone has any advice please chime in.
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