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Axle Adjustment Spikes & Cover

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I added some Chrome Metal(not Plastic)Spike axle adjustment stud& nut covers and axle nut cover this morning. Had to machine them all to fit, but was worth the work to cover these items up!
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Straightjacket said:
That rear wheel looks great in that pic! Is it an optical illusion or did they not line up the pully with the wheel when they machined them? You know, where the patterns line up?
Hey Straight, This is how it is suppossed to be. It is alternate with the wheel so as neither will block the look of the other.
SFCMcGan said:
where did you get these? they are nice!
Found them on Ebay. 280811212102 for axle nut cover. 270886364609 for spikes( I had to bore spike with 9/16" drill only 1/2 deep so that land created from drilling will stop spike against adjustment lock nuts so that you are not pushing on swingarm cover. Then you can just install with frogsnot(RTV), or do as I did and machine some 8mm x1.25 pitch nuts to 1/2 OD and then run a 1/2"x20 die over out side of nut and then screw nut into spike with some locktite. (spikes come with 1/2x20 threads inside). When you install spikes on bike just screw on spike and they will fit over existing axle adjusment locknuts and seat against rear locknut) .
Hey SFC- did you ever install that tach? I just ordered tach from Barons and since I got tank off now, may be good time to install it w/wiring!
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1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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