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Axle nut size

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I need to tighten up my belt, but my metric wrenches only go up to 21mm so I have to go buy a couple more. What size are the axle nuts? (both sides)

Thanks in advance.
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****...short by 1mm -

Thanks... I tried the adjustable, but it is too tight, and I don't want to round it off.
wow, you can't even say d**n!!! :)
Already have a torque wrench, just gotta get the 22mm socket . Thanks! ....and I'll be doing the pulley mod next :)
Thanks for all the feedback everybody. This is one of the best forums I have been on.

To 11stryker: Do you need a puller for the pulley, or will it just slide off?
Awesome...so I downloaded the manual, and was noticing they reference loosening the right side axle nut when adjusting the belt (and torquing the same) which means removing the pipe. Can you just use the left side instead, and use a wrench on the right just to hold tension? (my last bike was a shaft drive and didn't have to worry about that, and the bikes I had before that were chain...and I just put a wrench on both axle nuts, loosened, adjusted, tightened and made sure the wheel ran true. ) Been a mechanic for years, so I know sometimes things are done a certain way for specific reasons. Just want to make sure this is (or isn't) one of them. Thanks!
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