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Axle nut size

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I need to tighten up my belt, but my metric wrenches only go up to 21mm so I have to go buy a couple more. What size are the axle nuts? (both sides)

Thanks in advance.
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As a rule, if you are torquing from the head of the bolt you need to add a certain percentage to the desired torque value because the bolt is apt to twist a bit and also it will be affected by any friction within all the spacers and swingarm.
If someone will tell me approx what size the bolt shaft is in SAE I will check with the Engineers here for a corrected torque value for torquing from the head.
Also, (Sorry) give me the torque value as listed per the manual in SAE as well.

As long as we're doing it, we might as well be doing it right!!!:thumb:
Well- if were going to do it correctly, The mufflers need to come off and torque nut properly.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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