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Baffles for Stock Exhaust (?)

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Do they exist? I contacted Big City Thunder and they do not make baffles for the Stryker Stock exhaust, and I really like the sound of the Original Thunder. Does anyone out there make baffles for the Stock Exhaust? I like my pipes and want to keep them, I just want deeper, louder sound, and better performance would just be a bonus!
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how do you knock-out the middle plug? Is that better sounding?..if I stick a pipe in the exhaust it does stop after about 8"
I used a 1" hole saw on an extension. It deepened the sound, but not quite as much as I had hoped. A couple weeks later I put another 1" hole directly above each center pipe. That made a huge difference, and since the pipes have an overhang from the slash cut, you can't see it unless you bend way down. In my opinion, this is the best way to mod the stock exhaust. It changes the sound without noticably changing the appearance.
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