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Baffles for Stock Exhaust (?)

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Do they exist? I contacted Big City Thunder and they do not make baffles for the Stryker Stock exhaust, and I really like the sound of the Original Thunder. Does anyone out there make baffles for the Stock Exhaust? I like my pipes and want to keep them, I just want deeper, louder sound, and better performance would just be a bonus!
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how do you knock-out the middle plug? Is that better sounding?..if I stick a pipe in the exhaust it does stop after about 8"
these guys (Bill) will rework a Stryker pipe although I'm not clear exactly what they do to it..I was quoted $300 plus I'd have to ship there and back so probably $400 done..I'd like to do something myself but not clear what the best approach is with OE pipes.

I bought some extra exhaust units, I'll send one set to the VTX guy the end of this month and report back toward mid May..the sound vid's they have on Honda's are impressive.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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