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Baffles for Stock Exhaust (?)

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Do they exist? I contacted Big City Thunder and they do not make baffles for the Stryker Stock exhaust, and I really like the sound of the Original Thunder. Does anyone out there make baffles for the Stock Exhaust? I like my pipes and want to keep them, I just want deeper, louder sound, and better performance would just be a bonus!
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Thank you all for your suggestions, I appreciate it! I am not sure about VTX because there is no information as to how they would sound once the mod is complete - and my bike would be 'down' while the pipes are away, so that would be a bit harder to do! :) Especially since riding season has just begun, and this is my first brand new bike and first bike in over 17 years! I'm going after the sound of the Big City Thunder baffles, and I am going to keep trying until I find a close enough fit! :) I am not able to hear the video posted here because I am on a different computer, but I will listen to it later. What I have heard of drilled baffles does not produce that deep, throaty sound that I am looking for.........so my quest continues.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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