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Bandara thunder in the hill 2013

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Hey just wondering if anyone is going to this. I will be heading out with some friends coming up from galveston. Meeting in columbus thursday morning. They talking about riding the three sisters roads fri. Gonna see how big my balls are then.
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Was just checking to see how much money I needed bring to buy forum members some beer at the rally. Heading out in the morning. Im hoping the rain is done before I leave out. I will try to post some photos and video of the twisted ride when I get back. Friend has glasses cam so should get some good ones.
Did the three sisters yesterday and even got the t-shirt. 200 miles of heaven with little bit of **** thrown in. Might be going back to do part of it today again. Friends glasses cam didnt work so no videos. Had a blast and suggest if anyone is around this area with a bike to take this ride. Oh and watch out for the UPS trucks around the blind curves think a few of us got a hole in our seats from that one.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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