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Baron Dogbones Install Help Please

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Trying to fiquire out what way is front ,I know sounds dumb. The 3 holes go up to the crossmenber or go down to the shock mount , the directions are less than poor
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Here is why I'm confussed .
Quote directions.
(The end with the single hole points to the rear of the motorcycle and attaches to the frame ,the end with the 3 holes points forward.)
The down possition is a shock mount but the shock mounts to the frame. and the up is the swingarm.
If they would of said up or down it would be simple.
Bozzly said:
picture courtesy of dliszews

3 holes go on bottom or front however it is written. Single on top or back.
yep thats it thanks :o
JRC65 said:
Do these drop the bike as a whole or just the rear end?
Just the back to do the front to you would half to replace the springs inside of the forks.
Bozzly said:
clar2001 said:
Bozzly said:
3 holes go on bottom or front however it is written. Single on top or back.
yep thats it thanks :eek:
Anytime Clar, glad I could help. Now when do I get to see pics?
Thanks Bozzly ,I plan on installing saturday morning will post some pics and let you know how it works out.
Dog bone install 2 inch drop,placed bike on jackstands used car jack under rear tire undo nuts from bolts on dogbones ,lift tire with car jack untill bolts easily pull out , reverse process for install , hardest part breaking the nut loose, total time maby 30min.
Belt guards with with no moding, bottom was already moded to fit Dunlop 250 tire.

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Peteystryker said:
Sweet!! 2" derop on 250?
I have not ridden yeat need to look closer at the sub frame to make sure it will clear on the bumps maby a little more grinding won't know untill tomorrow.
Peteystryker said:
Cool let us know. I'm in the same direction.. Picking up the my Stryker from 1st service and 250 rear install..looking forward in dropinng in 2" with the pcs links
I opened a new thread on this Petey every thing worked out good with minual work kinda surprised how easy it was, there has been a lot of disscussion on this.
Basicly just trim the rear of the frame about 3 inches with fender off left tire on ,trimming of lower belt guard for tire and everything else was good, remember I dont have the stock duck taillight that would make problems. It handles much better with the lower stanch or rake to the front again.
1 - 9 of 18 Posts
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