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Battery Tender wire routing?

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Want to install the detachable harness to the battery terminals and
run the wiring and connector so it's not too obvious or at a pinch point.
Has anyone done yet or have a suggestion?

and now to make it interesting....I like the idea of using one of these mounting
options, so that the adapter can be used for powered devices:

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got the battery tender on mine (under seat) fits fine. also on amazon battery tender makes a female power port (cigarette lighter) adapter that plugs right in (also under my seat) for $10. I was looking at the powerlet too but its expensive. I put some scotch dual lock velcro (staples) on the tank fill plastic piece and put my gps on. I routed the wiring down under the top of the tank and back to my seat. came out nice, no wierd mounts and the gps rides flat and easy to see. only down is you gotta remember to unplug your adapter under the seat when ride is over. i seriously doubt it would drain your battery very quickly though
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