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Before & After of Stryker with Irate Skull Cover

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When I purchased the bike, it had skulls air brushed on the airbox. I decided to continue the skull theme with the irate skull radiator cover. Overall I think it looks pretty cool, and just a fun thing. :)

I thought folks may be interested in seeing some before and after pictures of the cover. The cover itself is very well made, and I'm more than please with it.
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Yes, it replaces that plastic cover. I didn't use any mesh material, but I may end up doing that soon. Originally, I was going to paint the plastic piece, but decided I didn't want to put in the effort...and spend $33 on a can of spray paint. :evil::madgrin:

The airbox is pretty cool, I attached some pictures of it.


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OT: How do you like your solo seat for comfort?
It's the Star Comfort Cruise Solo seat. Overall, I think it's a pretty comfortable seat. It has a lot of room. I like it!!:)
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