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best dual cruiser seat

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Hello all this is my first post and I have been reading alot of your post about touring seats. Alot of opinions, but I have not seen any on the OEM dual cruiser seat. Does the OEM sissybar fixed or quick release fits all aftermarket dual seats?
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Thanks fellows, Im leaning towards the Corbin or Mustang just have to make the decision now.
installed my new dual cruiser mustang seat this afternoon and rode to work 80 miles one way and my butt didnt hurt once I made it after my ride. It does pushes you forward and raises you an inch both ways but really didn't mind, the mustang seat did make me seat straight up with the higher back support. So I need to get use to it. I got the boulevard windshield on order so cant wait to add that on next week some time. But pretty sure with new leather it will need some time to break in.
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