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Bike Caught on Fire!

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My friend is on Deployment right now and I am watching his 2011 Sportster for him. Before he left he dropped his bike and left me with the repair work. Today I took it out for a ride around the neighborhood to run the fluids through it. I started to smell something a little weird and looked down at the exhaust to see that it was on fire! I got back to my house ASAP, put out the fire and realized that somehow, oil was leaking on to the exhaust and at some point caught on fire and was slowly burning. It was easy to put out and clean up, the bike is fine but I have no idea where this leak is coming from. I emailed my friend and just let him know that I took his bike out and it caught on fire. No other details. That'll keep him thinking for a while. I am an @$$hole
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I thought I was the only one that had things catch fire on the road. I had an old sporty that had a leak on the fitting where the line runs out of the oil bag under the seat. Maybe it is that, and then flowing down the and onto the pipe. Either way, that is crazy.

Maybe you have a friend who likes to play tricks on you. I have often filled a small contact lense cleaner container with used motor oil just so I could squirt it under a buddy's bike at a stop. It never gets old.
I am good with never telling him. It is also fun to put a little oil in the pipes and when they get hot they smoke like **** and smell like burning oil. Since I am one of the mechanical ones in the group they ask me what could be wrong. It could be all kinds of things ;D

I ride with a good group of guys and they get me too. Last year one of my bikes was a 2007 HD Electra Glide that I had modified to look like a street glide. A buddy of mine put it on Craigslist using my real number at a great price. I fielded calls for weeks on that bike :)
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