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Bike dead

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Road the weekend up in the Smokies for a long weekend. Bike ran great. Got home took bike off the trailer, tried to fire it up and nothing. Battery seems fine. Made sure it was in neutral, nothing. Lights and Guages work. Any thoughts?
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Larry said:
Check your kill switch.
Like in all the owners manual for stuff go down a list of the obvious and don't assume anything.
- To add to what Larry said: Cycle that switch as well as the ignition switch. The contacts might just be off a little
- Make sure you have plenty of fuel
- Cycle through the gears and end up back in neutral and make sure light goes out and then back on
- Check the kickstand kill switch
- Don't have the owner's manual in front of me but there are several kill/safety switches on the bike and any one of them could have gotten jogged while trailering, damaged or just the connector(s) come loose.
- Long shot but blown fuses... There is a separate one for the fuel pump. Bike will crank but not start if that one is blown
- Start with the easy stuff and then move forward. Worst case you have the trailer so no tow charge for you if you need to take it to the dealer.

Others might have more technical suggestions but also look through the service manual depending on your comfort level wrenching things
And most importantly, please post back once you figure it out even if its a silly/embarrassing thing. Down the road someone else here will do the same thing and really appreciate you following up. Best of luck.

BTW, it didn't get caught in a rain storm or anything while on the trip did it? If so confirm the intake is bone dry
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