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So with my mishap this morning, I am really looking for a better way of storing my bike for easy access. I do not have a garage, but that is a plan in the next 2 years. For the nasty New England winters I can store the bike in my shed or a friends garage but during the warm months that is already turning into a pain.

I was looking at the CycleShell Enclosure (http://www.cycleshell.com/index.html) Figuring that I have a dirt / gravel driveway the solid base would work well and keep the weather off the bike.

Any feedback?

Mishap from the other thread:
"First day in a week with no rain in the forecast. I went to pull the bike out of the shed and ride into work this morning, due to all the rain the ramp slid back and down and the clutch lever slammed into the door frame. I am seriously pissed off but it could be much worse."

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Yes, something well sealed so mice don't start a home in all those hard to clean places they seem to find.!!
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