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bike wants to go....

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Ok, this is my first problm if it is really a problem.

When i am at any constant speed, 15,20,25, and so on it seems like my bike wants to go, but then it seems to want to slow down.

I dont know if i explained it right or not, but its like barely trottling and quickly letting off, even though i am not doing that and the speed remains constant. i tested this on a back road with no traffic so i could watch the speedo, and any speed up to 50 it would do this.

Bike is stock for now until my parts come in.

Even took it to the dealer and they said all was fine, but then again they only put 2 miles on it.

I have my exhaust and auto tune on its way but do not want to put them on until i know if this is a probelm or not (dont want it to be and yamaha say warranty is void for after market parts) if it matters just had first oil change at 550 miles, dealer changed oil, and the bike also did this before oil change (noticed at about 400 miles).
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_M_ said:
Like it's surging?

Pretty common issue with a lot of Strykers. A fuel controller will help, but an intake, exhaust, and tuner will get rid of it for good.

I was actually really surprised how smoothed out it got with just the intake, drilled baffles and no programmer though. Maybe try the air of mod.

Here a thread where some fixed the surging issue without a fuel controller.

+1 on this couldn't find the resistors anywhere in town though had to get them off of eBay, ended up getting having to buy 100 pk of them for 4$.
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