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Black cone style air filter???

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I saw a recent post about a couple of really nice cone style filters. I thought they were Demon Cycle but looked and could not find? I tried the search and came up with a bunch of random stuff? Does anyone have a link to them?
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The ones I saw were in the $180-$200 range not $500 bills I'm looking for an economical version, Isa broke missa, need cool cheep ****!
That black one with the piston breathers is the one I was looking at. It didn't come up when I pulled up Demon Cycles ??? Maybe I saved a metric page to favs, who knows?
I really like the L&M black cone, but by the time you buy the filter,cover,mesh, your over $300, just cant do that right now.

As far as the adaptor goes Fujums hooked me up with one so I'm good there!

Thanks for the response guys!!
Thats too funny,at least I'm not a TOTAL idiot! I just had to call Demon Cycle because I couldn't find it AGAIN, even on the link that was just posted? It appears those sell out really fast! Atleast they take them off their site instead of just backordering and keeping you hanging?
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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