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Black Hyercharger

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Hey guys and gals, i figured i would reach out to the group for some input. Where is the cheapest online to order the hypercharger in black for our bike? Im an ebay addict and for some reason I cant seem to find one on there AT ALL. This cant be accurate because i know ebay has everything. Are we using the hypercharger thats for the vstar 1100? I know PCS carries the adapter and the intake but i was wondering if there weas any other online retailer selling the adapter and intake at a better price. Ebay would be nice

Sorry im a bargain shopper lol.
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Did you own the hypercharger pro or just the regular hypercharger? In comparison to your cobra do you feel one has better performance gains than the other? Does the cobra differ in sound? Just thought I would ask since you have owned both. From what I understand you don't need an adapter for the cobra right?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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