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Hey Everyone! So, I've been on the forum for a while now checking out everyone's sweet Stryker builds, so I thought I'd follow suit and start my own thread. I loved the look of the stock Stryker so much, I never thought I'd worry about modding it much. Yeah.... Then I found this forum. 馃槈

So here's the mods I have completed so far:

- Avon Cushioned Aluminum Spike Grips
- Kuryakyn Throttle Lock
- Custom Garage Door Opener Button Mod
- Nautilus 139db Air Horn
- Cobra Boulevard Chrome Engine Guards
- Soupy's Performance Lowering Links
- Kuryakyn Premium Mini Foot Boards
- Cycra Hardstreet Slimbags w/ Quick Release Brackets
- JoeFlorida Custom LED Accent Lighting w/ Remotes
- Kryptonite GPS Tracker w/ Fall Over Sensor & Ignition Disable
- Sylvania H4 ST SilverStar High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb
- Completely De-Badged & Stickers Removed

I don't have the Stryker adapter yet, but I just received my badass chrome spike air intake. Can't wait to install that!

And these are the mods I have on deck to do... As soon as I have the extra bucks. (I'm thinking about selling a kidney maybe...)

- Streetfighter Dual Headlight Replacement
- Arlen Ness RAD III Mirrors
- Nyjol's BikerMojo Custom Speedometer Faceplate
- Vance & Hines Big Radius 2-into-2 Exhaust
- Dobeck EJK Electronic Jet Kit Fuel Tuner
- Kuryakyn 4612 Run-Turn-Brake Controller
- Mustang Wide Touring Seat w/ Driver Backrest
- 1300 30t Front Belt Pulley Mod
- Rear Duckbill / License Plate Removal
- Straightjacket Side License Plate Bracket w/ LED Lighted Bolts
- Avon 240 Rear Tire

Pretty f'n ridiculous for a guy that wasn't really going to mod anything. It's a sickness. And I have all you to blame! 馃槈

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Looks awesome! I have the multi-colored LED's also. Yeah I know all about the modding, I didn't ever think I would do anything to mine beyond the pipes and the air intake. :D

Now look what has happened...a total transformation....:noidea: I don't know what happened. lol

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Great job Man- Nice lookin Bike!

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Great looking ride. We have a number of parts in common. I really love the mini floorboards, much more comfortable than pegs. Yea the mod bug is pretty contagious around here. A lot of great info and super people. I can say that I did buy mine to build, never had any intention of leaving it stock. I think I am about finished and my bank account agrees!

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Thank you everyone for the comments! It's amazing how sucked into mods you can get...

Wayne - Your bike looks phenomenal. That paint job is insane. That's the one thing I can safely say I'm not going to worry about modifying any time soon... I love black. Every vehicle I own is black. Black is very badass... Very classy and "black tie." That's why I specifically went for the 2012 Raven. I really don't care for the tank graphics on the 2011 and 2013 models. The beautiful metallic black with chrome accents were perfect. I was VERY close to actually blacking out all the chrome, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked the chrome and actually think it's necessary to balance things out.

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Last week I finally replaced my stock mirrors with the badass Demon's Cycle "Z" mirrors... I couldn't warrant the price for the Arlen Ness mirrors I wanted. I can't say as I miss them now. I love these mirrors more every time I look at them.

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Added some chrome spikes to the tops and bottoms of my forks. Permatex clear silicone is friggen amazing.

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And a few weeks ago, I finally pulled the chrome plastic plate off the gas tank and did the Big Rig chrome shop mod. I can't believe how stupid good it looks, and crazy easy. Worst part was getting the **** sticky tape off the tank.

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Anyone who's still looking to do this mod, I came up with a different way of attaching it. I though it would be cool to make it removable so I could take it off for cleaning and polishing.

I got a tube of steel epoxy and some 1/2" neodymium hobby magnets. I mixed up the epoxy putty and rolled it into a long, thin tube and formed it into the underside of the chrome ring. Once it was all even, I pressed 2 magnets into each side of the ring into the putty.

Auto part Metal Wheel

Not only do the magnets stick magnetically to the steel putty, but then the putty dried to the magnets. And these magnets are f'n STRONG!

Now I just gently attach the ring to my tank, and put the gas cap back on. No other mods were necessary. The only thing I did was lay a sheet of 120 sandpaper on the tank and rubbed the chrome ring back and fourth to slightly conform the bottom of it to the shape of the tank.

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Bike's looking awesome Blackvapor. I too am really pleased with the Demon's Cycle mirrors. Great quality for the money. Nice idea on the tank ring, very creative. You sure have that black paint polished up nice. Aint' the a b**ch to keep clean! I'm just about ready to put the first coat of wax on the new paint. Figure it's cured long enough by now. Keep up the great work, it's looking great.

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Yeah, the black is a pain to keep clean... But it's a labor of love. I love jet black. I actually have a good friend who does professional detailing, so I had him do a pretty deep polishing job and actually coat my paint in a microscopic layer of crystal quartz. My paint is sufficiently protected. ;)

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Finally added the aluminum air intake adapter from PCS and installed my chrome air spike intake.

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Vance and Hines Big Radius are scheduled for delivery tomorrow!

Now it's time to place my order for the EJK Electronic Jet Kit from the good people at Dobeck Performance.

It's Christmas in July!

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