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Has anyone installed a Blaster-X integrated led taillight on their Stryker? It looks to be a pretty slick set up. Please post if you have one or if you have any thoughts on it.

Myself and many others have it...and we love it. It's nice and bright and easily visible to those behind you. Here's a couple of helpful links for you:
I'm running the ELFR-1 relay...it makes both from and rear blinkers blink at the stock flash rate.

Here's a great how-to thread on flush mounting the light for a custom look

Here's mine...


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definitely make sure that your state is not anal when it comes to rear directionals I actually failed state inspection for it... the inspector said that the directionals have to be separate from the tail light and 6" inches apart, I live in NH btw.... I called the dealer where i purchased the bike new and asked them and they also said its true. although the R1 came with the integrated tail light stock. I would check with a random inspection station on the laws not the station you will be going to.

what i did to fix that was i went out to Autozone and bought some amber LED strips and painted them black using map dots on the LED's and attached them and passed no problem.

Btw, the LED strips cost $8 and tie right into the existing setup with ease and they are hidden when they are off....
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