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Blinker Problem

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So, quick run down on what I just did. I replaced my front and rear turn signals and a new head light. Since I didn't want to cut a hole in the back of this head light, I took the tank off and cut 8 inches of the wiring harness off so that all the wires are tucked in under the gas tank, giving it a cleaner look. Now, as I did that, I wired everything up to make sure that they all worked and they all worked properly. So I then cut each wire independently and rewired and soldered them. By doing them one at a time I was pretty sure that I wouldn't get any wires crossed up. So, now that they are wired I checked again and now all 4 blinkers blink together, as if in emergency blinkers. Is there such a thing with bikes or what is causing them to blink all together and how do I get them back to normal? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
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after looking at the wiring diagrams you either have an open on the ground side in the front, or your power wires coming the front turn signals are shorted together, thats the only 2 things that would cause all 4 to flash at the same time. to narrow it down i would check to see if 3 of the lights are not as bright as the other one when using the turn signals, if theres an open in the ground wire, the power should be trying to find the ground through the other bulbs causing it them if all the bulbs are about the same brightness i would say that its most likely that you some how shorted the Ch and DG wires going into the front turn signals
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