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Brand New Stryker - Will Not Start

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I bought a brand new stryker about a month ago. It's still under warranty... but it's sunday and i want to ride. I went to start it the other day and it was just making a sound like sparks coming from a loose wire. I charged the battery and tightened the terminals and now it will turn to the "on" position fine, and show everything in the gauges...

Now when i try to start it - it will simply "Pop" like the sound when you smack positive and negative terminals together on a battery charger. It will take a second, the guage will reset, and it will be back to normal. The bike runs if someone pushes and i Jump stat it, but it will not start on it's own.

Ideas? Where is the starter located?
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wormburner said:
kb1kzd said:
I really want to ride today :-\ .... I'll prob just jump start it.
I'd be terrified that I'd do more damage. Might want to let it sit till you get it to the dealer tomorrow.

Would rather be down one day rather than jack something up and have it in the shop for a couple weeks.
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