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Brand New Stryker - Will Not Start

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I bought a brand new stryker about a month ago. It's still under warranty... but it's sunday and i want to ride. I went to start it the other day and it was just making a sound like sparks coming from a loose wire. I charged the battery and tightened the terminals and now it will turn to the "on" position fine, and show everything in the gauges...

Now when i try to start it - it will simply "Pop" like the sound when you smack positive and negative terminals together on a battery charger. It will take a second, the guage will reset, and it will be back to normal. The bike runs if someone pushes and i Jump stat it, but it will not start on it's own.

Ideas? Where is the starter located?
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Started yesterday at 180 miles exactly... it currently has 207 miles. go figure.
I really want to ride today :-\ .... I'll prob just jump start it. I just checked the hot wire on the starter and it's tight. The pop is coming more from under the seat. I had the battery out and checked the hot wires there. I'm leaning toward a solenoid that's right there. But i'll be dropping it off at the dealer tomorrow.
I took it to the dealer today and just got it back - according to them, it was a shorted out battery. Very strange... considering there was only 260 miles on the battery. But regardless, it's running fine now.
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