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break in oil?

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Does anyone know if the break in oil has different properties/blends than the slandered oil.
I've searched this question on the net and can't find any thing saying that the break in oil has a special mixture as I remember being told some where.
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not to worry, I found the answer. And a few other answers too.

Myth: I broke in my engine on Brand X; I can’t switch brands.
Fact: First, be sure that during the break-in period you use the same high quality (API SL) oil which the manufacturer recommends; special break-in oils are not needed or recommended. Second, you can change the brand oil used any time, just continue to use the same high quality level recommended by the engine manufacturer.

Some of the other stuff I read was enlightening. Like Synthetic oils do not increase the life of your motor or increase the length of time in between changing intervals. The parts still wear at the same pace and the particles are suspended in the oil and transferred to the filter at the same rate as with slandered oils. Thus needing to be drained and filter changed at the manufactures recommended mileage or time. Synthetics are merely man mad and cost more.

Myth #6 - Engines have to be “broken in” before using synthetic oil. I need to break in my engine with non-detergent oil. If I use regular oil or synthetic oil in a new engine, my engine will take longer to break in.
Fact: It was common years ago for engine manufacturers to recommend non-detergent oils for engine break-in. This was when the pistons used cast-iron “square-faced” rings and the rings needed to wear some to “seat” into the engine. With today’s technology of oils and engine manufacturing, engine manufacturers no longer recommend the use of non-detergent oils for the break-in period. In fact, engines today are factory-filled with high quality API SL performance motor oil, which contains high levels of detergents and dispersant additives.
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recoiljunky said:
actually sysnthetic oil does make a difference in sludging over a long period of time. there are waxes in conventional witch thicken up over a long period of time. in your sb 350 wouldnt make a bit of different. but you go into todays engines that are chain drivin dual over head cam where the tensioners are operated by oil pressure makes a big difference. how do i know? i work in a chevy dealership where the enclaves and arcadias use these tensioners and the only ones that have problems are the people who buy the conventional oil.
Wouldn't that mean the manufacturer recommendation in the owners manual would specify synthetic oil? Because manufacturers spend big money on research and testing to come up with the best design and they build the motor around the products the get the longest life and best performance out of an engine.
recoiljunky said:
actually enclave's and arcadia's require synthetic blend in the engine as per GM service manual and im sure other do to but no one wants to tell the customer they have to buy the more expensive stuff or even open the book.
Oh ok shady salesman tactics huh? :eek:
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