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Break in service due already :))))

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Hey everyone. Just picked up a 2012 Copper Stryker with the blacked out pipes on Wednesday (May 1st) Rode away with 1 mile on the odometer. Had to make an appointment this past Monday for the 600 mile break in service. Already clocked 614 miles on it in 5 days. Hey...the weather was fine last week in New England :) Really like the bike.
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Is the break in service free??? The break in service for me was just doing it myself (oil change, filter, and check on a few small things) Even the 3k and 6k service was all easily done without a mechanic.

I think the next one i have to take it in though.
The 600 mile break in service isn't free unless you negotiate that into the purchase of the bike. I too did my own..super easy and a complete waste of money to pay what local dealers wanted for what is essentially a glorified oil change. I'll be coming up on my 16K service in the next couple of months so I'm taking it in to my bud's shop because that's a very big service and he's only charging me $300...all the dealerships wanted $900!
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