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Break in service due already :))))

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Hey everyone. Just picked up a 2012 Copper Stryker with the blacked out pipes on Wednesday (May 1st) Rode away with 1 mile on the odometer. Had to make an appointment this past Monday for the 600 mile break in service. Already clocked 614 miles on it in 5 days. Hey...the weather was fine last week in New England :) Really like the bike.
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They want $160...probably do it myself. Ordered 6" backrest and saddlebags last wednesday. Bracket for backrest and saddlebags are in, backrest pad is on back order four weeks!! Drilled eight 5/8" in each baffle the day after I picked it up. Sounds real nice with no backfire on decel. Paid cash for the bike, so nothing left for aftermarket pipes...someday though :)

Thanks for all the welcomes...this week is making up for the sun last week here in Massachusetts :(
Crap :( and who'da thunk freezing rain in Az?? Good luck with the weather
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