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Can the Stryker Stand Up?

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I’m curious if anyone has gotten their Stryker to do a wheelie while moving (not from a burnout). Wondering if it is physically possible with the frame/wheel dynamics of the bike. One of the first things I tried to do back when I got the bike was roll the throttle to lift the front wheel but there was nothing there. All my previous sport bikes would stand straight up doing this. Anyone had any luck? I plan to test this again after I get my mods on and more power. And before the Search Police bash me I read all 5 threads on “wheelies” from last year and didn’t get the discussion I was after…
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I have video proof of how almost impossible it is. (experienced rider Trying to do it) I don't want to start anything, but we intentionally tried to get the wheel up. Only thing working against us was the Elevation killing a bit of power.
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