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my wife and I purchased the cardo scala Q2 multi-set pro intercoms last year. The units connect via Bluetooth to each other as well as a Bluetooth phone so you can receive calls while on your bike.

We use the units on full face helmets. There are 2 options for attaching the base unit to the helmet, you can use the adhesive backed mount or a pinch mount. We used the adhesive as the pinch wont fit into the helmet due to the lining being firmly attached inside the helmet, and they need to pinch to the shell.

The radio parts come pre-paired, but I have also paired them and they are easy to pair to other units. The wires on the speakers are a little more delicate than I would like but we have had no problems with them. You can pair them to a third unit as well, but they don't accommodate talking between all three at once, you have to switch back and forth with a button on the radio itself. The buttons are easy to feel while driving and push with ease.

The manufacturer says there is a 2300 feet talking distance (straight line with no blockages as they are Bluetooth), I will say that we have been about a half mile apart in a country setting before reception was lost. They also state 8 hours of radio on time, this is more than fair, we used them last fall on over a 10 hour trip and definitely had more than 8 hours of talk time before the warning beeps started that the batteries were going dead. The units take a full 4 hours to charge.

Sound quality is very good, and the volume does auto adjust for road noise. One complaint I have is the voice activation of the units, they don't always start consistently, and sometimes I find myself blowing in the mouth piece just prior to talking. There is a button on the unit to trigger the unit to work immediately, and usually once I do this the units work well.

We have used these in city traffic and they have been a lifesaver when she is behind me on her bike and we get separated by traffic. The units are rather water resistant with a rubber plug for the charging port, I have been caught in heavy rain with them and they have never failed.

I would definitely purchase these again. I have used other brands like chatterbox, but I like these much better.
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