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Carlock Gas Cap Mod *WARNING!

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*EDIT: Since having the gas cap and using the bike for a a few hundred miles, it has developed a venting issue in the gas tank. See the thread here: http://www.yamahastarstryker.com/index.php/topic,7757.msg76331.html#msg76331 . To fix the problem, I had to remove the setup and revert to the OEM gas cap. Since reverting, the gas leak has gone away. You may have better luck, but by proceeding the same may happen to you.

This is a screw on Roland Sands cap. It actually doesn't lock anymore as a result, but for now that's something I'm okay living with. So far with 53 miles all highway at 80+mph, there doesn't seem to be any venting issues. So far so good!

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Re: Carlock Gas Cap Mod

stroguy said:
Ew boy, ew boy a black cap that is functional and adaptable. Hooray. Would love some pics of the threads and the lower half of the construction.

Also if you go to the Gear Drive web site they have a video with one hot leather wearing hitch hiking momma.
Here's a pic of the adapter.
Re: Carlock Gas Cap Mod

11Stryker said:
lookin Good Kraazy!

midlifecrisis said:
Where did you order the RSD gas cap?
I got the gas cap from Dennis Kirk. The adapter is from Tejas Motorsports.
Re: Carlock Gas Cap Mod

Chop said:
Do you have a part # or exact name of the adapter. I took a look and couldn't find it. Also is that the Low and Mean gas cap accent?
You'll have to call Tejas Motorsports. Speak to Tim over in parts for the adapter. 281.843.8591. I don't have the PN off the top of my head.

And yes, its the LM gas cap accent.
Re: Carlock Gas Cap Mod

Oh man! That must have been a pain! Ya I think my install took maybe 15 minutes. The hardest part was getting the old adhesive off from the chrome ring that was on there.
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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