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Changing foot pegs/shift lever Help!

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I had my first fall on the Stryker last night(first day of rain in Los Angeles). I need to replace the shift lever and the left foot peg. I would like to do it myself. Does anyone have any experience changing out these items? I looked in the service manual, but I didnt see anything. Also, is there a section in the forum/ manual that tells you how to change your oil step by step?

If anyone knows where I can get a cheap replacement peg let me know please. I was quoted 114$ for just the left peg alone. Im upgrading to floorboards, but I need a cheap replacement peg until I can purchase the floorboards.
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J&K said:
Does anyone know the Dennis Kirk part number for the front peg adapter (and/or rear peg) for the Kuryakyn pegs? I know it is 8810, but I called Dennis Kirk (DK) and they have no available information for the Stryker. If you type 8810 on the DK website, it gives you a bunch of various part numbers for the adapter to order from, but I have no idea which one to order. By what I can tell, to order the front pegs and adapter from DK would save about $15, plus shipping is free over $100 as compared to directly from Kuryakyn. Thought I would see if anyone had he information before spending an extra $25.
just do a search on the dennis kirk page for part # 8814...it'll come up. That's how i ordered mine a couple of weeks ago and everything was correct.
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