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Changing foot pegs/shift lever Help!

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I had my first fall on the Stryker last night(first day of rain in Los Angeles). I need to replace the shift lever and the left foot peg. I would like to do it myself. Does anyone have any experience changing out these items? I looked in the service manual, but I didnt see anything. Also, is there a section in the forum/ manual that tells you how to change your oil step by step?

If anyone knows where I can get a cheap replacement peg let me know please. I was quoted 114$ for just the left peg alone. Im upgrading to floorboards, but I need a cheap replacement peg until I can purchase the floorboards.
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I can see how you can change the shifter and brake "pegs" where your heals go. But can you change the actual shifter and brake small pegs that your toes control (i.e. the small pegs in the front)?

I was looking at changing the pegs to the new Kuryakyn black trident pegs

And I see they have a small Shifter peg, which has a threaded end.

But I don't think you can change these out without replacing the arms on the Stryker. Am I correct or am I missing how to remove these pieces?
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Thanks NateDog. That's makes perfect sense. However why would you need to find a replacement shifter?

Which dually did you get...the one with the adapter or the one without it and then get the correct adapter? I tried to call Kury but they were closed. I thought you would get the piece with the adapter (like in my pic) and then get the 8810 adapter. I called Dennis kirk but they did not have any information for the Stryker and were of no help.
Does anyone know the Dennis Kirk part number for the front peg adapter (and/or rear peg) for the Kuryakyn pegs? I know it is 8810, but I called Dennis Kirk (DK) and they have no available information for the Stryker. If you type 8810 on the DK website, it gives you a bunch of various part numbers for the adapter to order from, but I have no idea which one to order. By what I can tell, to order the front pegs and adapter from DK would save about $15, plus shipping is free over $100 as compared to directly from Kuryakyn. Thought I would see if anyone had he information before spending an extra $25.
Is it 8810 or 8814 for the front? On Kuryakyn's site, it was 8810, but I thought I saw some posts where it was 8814.

When I did a 8810 search on DK, a part number came up but I had no way to verify if it was the correct part.
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