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Checking Interest - Stryker with 260 Rear

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Guaging interest in my Stryker. Pretty sure that I am trading in on a new Ducati Diavel. Not even sure what the best way to sell it would be. Anyone who wants to make a reasonable offer, let me know. Bike is in Winchester, VA.

Bike is a 2011 with Widened rear rim and a 260 Metzler on it. Chromed front and rear wheels. Polished rotors and pulley. Barons Lowering Links set at 1". Speigler braided brake lines.

BTW, I've been around here since 2012 and had almost 170 posts. Now can't pust under the old godeepwvu name and created a new one. Tried to get ideas from the admins, but no one seemed to be able to help.


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where are you at? maybe we can get this back to stock before you trade it in. $$$
you can chrome both wheels and the pulley for about 700 in dallas
Need to know the name of the place to get this done.

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