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Cherry vs "Uh" no Cherry

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I'm just wondering if there are Stryker owners out there that are going to leave their Stryker stock! The 3 road bikes I had before this Stryker I left alone and did no mods or additions. I never even had thoughts of changing them. This bike I got mod fever and having a hard time stopping. QUESTION: Will these Strykers be worth less in 10 years if we want to sell? I loved this bike as it was when I first saw it online and bought it on site when I saw it at dealer and I never even rode it stock! I do have somewhat of an excuse, I had 3 months Winter weather to look at it and think about what I could do. I am just wondering if there is any Stryker owners here on this forum that plan on keeping theirs stock.
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Re: Cherry vs "Uh" not Cherry

dejablu110 said:
I said that I would leave mine stock...I just wanted the bike and
felt that it was perfect the way it was......... 8) 8) 8) ::) ::) ::) ::)


You did a phenomenal job on your bike. Seriously.. did you rake out the front more? Anyway.. like I said Bad Ass bike man
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