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Cherry vs "Uh" no Cherry

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I'm just wondering if there are Stryker owners out there that are going to leave their Stryker stock! The 3 road bikes I had before this Stryker I left alone and did no mods or additions. I never even had thoughts of changing them. This bike I got mod fever and having a hard time stopping. QUESTION: Will these Strykers be worth less in 10 years if we want to sell? I loved this bike as it was when I first saw it online and bought it on site when I saw it at dealer and I never even rode it stock! I do have somewhat of an excuse, I had 3 months Winter weather to look at it and think about what I could do. I am just wondering if there is any Stryker owners here on this forum that plan on keeping theirs stock.
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Hey Canyon1, That's completely cool with me! I have the stock pic of the Stryker in the warehouse for my desktop. So I see it at least a dozen times a day and think wow what a bike. It makes me wonder if I should have left mine alone. I do like the mods I have done though. Just second gues myself once in awhile. Take care friend!
Hey Deja- Looks great both ways!! Do you ever wish you could have both?
Impressive RSR!!!
Carupt & Abrupt!!!
dejablu110 said:
You've got it!!!

I really and truly wanted to help get this site going and get it more active. This
is the main reason I post ideas and pics. I sure don't want you all thinking we
are taking the stryker out of the forum. Some ideas we have may help you with
the stryker and get some ideas going for you to make these ,already sweet looking bikes,
more personalized and different. Theres a lot to work with here and if we can help.....
just ask!

If you guys would like I can post up a list of mods I've done to mine as well. Some
mods will be available for the stryker soon.
Thanks!! That would be great Deja!! Is your list as big as RSR's?
Wow!!! Now does Phil ride also and if so what?
Mod away Bro, and please post pics along the way!!
dejablu110 said:
Phil rides and he has a clone raider
you will have to help me out Deja- I'm alittle thick! Clone as in Stock or Just like yours?
Ahh! Cool, And your gonna be right on the black clone strykers. Thanks for clearing that up. Take care!
dejablu110 said:
some of you may find that your original plans wont stick.
I fell into most of the things I did by chance or open opportunity.
Take advantage of having a 1st year model and put yourself
out there for experimental mods.....thats what I did. I was
kind of a guinea pig and it all worked out in the end.
well said Deja. Most of us are "going there" in a Hurry!!
XVS13CAL- I don't know yet, but I still haven't even taken the sticker off the gas tank! The seat doesn't count right, it's from Yamaha?

ME- Yah, you changed seat from stock and added backrest, luggage & Brackets. You are well on your way!! lol!

XVS13CAL- That reminds me, should have your new "Tennessee Tea" decals tomorrow night.

ME- Hey Great! Can't wait to see them! Thanks!! I got me a new Nikon 4x12 coming also.
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