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Can anybody put me in touch with a good chromer? ive asked around my local area and have had no luck! any info will be appreciated!
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After class on tues and thurs I go to high five motcycles in Dallas just to check out the chicks on bikes. I hear this is a good place to go.. I would like to get my wheels and pulley done by may 2013. I think I will be dropping my wheels off there.
If you order the lower belt chrome kit. You are going to need more 2 sided tape and epoxy glue. Luckily mine came off at my mothers house after riding 500 miles. I just put it back on with epoxy glue and more 2 sided stips for a quick fix. When I got home I was looking to drill some screws to permanently hold it in place. I just couldnt find a good place with out the belt getting in the way.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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