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PLEASE be careful with all private party purchases. The other forums I'm on are getting hit with fraud attempts pretty hard. The people doing this appear to join, use the Classified section to troll and send private message with an email contact.
It’s suggested you conduct all your conversations about selling or buying on the open forum. Only go to Private Conversations after you are sure who you are dealing with and the validity of the sale. This will give you an extra layer of protection. This will also allow all your fellow members to view what is going on and then contact you through Private Conversations if anything looks suspicious. We have to help protect one another. Also never give anyone your credit card information over the phone or through email. Payment should only be made from a protected secure entity like Paypal. If the buyer or seller doesn’t take Paypal or something equivalent and refuses to sign up, pass on the deal. If the buyer or seller refuses to work with you on the open forum, pass on the transaction. If during the entire process you need advice on what to ask or any advice pertaining to the sale contact a staff member to assist you. It's a shame we have to put up with this, but no real way for site being able to control intent of a member. Know we care!
If another member contacts you by Private Message and you believe it to be a possible scam please hit the report button this will send the staff a copy and will be investigated.
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Thank you!
-Yamaha Stryker Forum Staff
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