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cleaning cobra swepts

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so I just noticed that I have some tree pitch or something stuck to my black swePts and its baked on. What is a good cleaner to remove this stuff without damage
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I would contact Cobra via email or phone. They are very helpful and probably would have the best response for this issue. I stay away from harsh chems on matte finishes to avoid shading problems. I use a water softening agent diluted in water to clean my bike and pipes. I use a tbls to 1/4 gallon of water and it works very well. Call Cobra.

Here is my softner that I mix in a garden sprayer along with microfibers.

bigboi18184 said:
Don't get any finger prints on them missed two small finger prints on first install and they burnt on and will not come off. After they heat up the first time I haven't noticed any more burnt on finger prints and I have forgotten a few on it since then. Mine are the chrome version though don't know about the black, clean mine with a damp rag (water only).......clean whole bike like this to think of it.
Have you tried Nevr Dul?

Walmart in the house cleaning section. We used it by the tons in the military and it works on just about every polish able metal.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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