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Didn't have to work today so some buddies and I went for a ride. We are on a 4 lane street not 1 mile into it and a Lincoln truck merges into our lane nearly wiping out the lead bike. Seeing it unfold I lay on my horn, others are on the throttle so the pipes sound off trying to get this bozo's attention. The lead bike is trapped due to on coming traffic so he locks it up and hopes for the best. The truck comes to a complete stop and is trying to make a left hand turn into a store parking lot. At this point the lead bike is screaming at the top of his lungs at the guy. So we have all had close calls, but here is what sets this one apart. As my buddy is taking off he rares back and punches the crap out of the trucks fender all the while yelling about how bad the driver sucks at life. I look up and there is a cop at a red light two blocks ahead of us with his lights on. I immediately think my buddy is toast for hitting this truck with his fist. Not to mention the illegal helmet he has on. Turns out the cop rolls right buy us and in my mirror I see him pull into the same parking lot the truck was trying to get into. I'm assuming to tell the driver he nearly killed someone. Other than that we had a great ride. It even turned out to be "wow what kind of bike is that" day. **** I love this bike.
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