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hey guys,

So i noticed today that the clunking has become a bit more prominent. I did my second valve adjustment today and also changed my oil (been using the same oil for the past 3 oil changes) I noticed that after shifting into second, unless i really ease into it im noticing a secondary clunk noise from the tranny? ive never experienced this before today.

I was testing it out only in second up and down my street just feathering the clutch and giving it on and off throttle and it almost always did this secondary clunk after the initial loud clunk into second. Like i said it was never there before but seemed to appear after my valve adjustment and or oil change. im using 10w40 Castrol GO 4T which ive used for my past 3 oil changes and had no issues at all but actually found it to be the best oil ive ever used for my bike as it makes shifting incredibly smooth.

any ideas on this clunking noise in second ??
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