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Clutch lever hard to pull - is this normal?

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The clutch lever on my Stryker seems really hard to pull compared to other bikes I have ridden. Is this normal for this bike or do you think there could be an issue with it?

I have done searches on this topic and have not found any threads about this, so I'm wondering if it's just my bike, or if it does not bother anyone else.
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Clutch pull is a result of multiple things. The length of the arm on the trans, the position of the where the cable is affixed to the clutch lever from the pivot on the handle bar mount. Also a bigger bike with more torque and hp will require a different setup of the clutch plates, basket and spring tension to prevent slipping due to the increase in torque and hp. I have built racing engines for 4 wheelers and once you increase the hp and torque you need to change drive train parts accordingly. Just keep in mind that a manual clutch feel from one bike to another isn't a good reference due to many underlying circumstances.
Well said Mikey76. The size of the clutch and number/rate of the springs makes a big difference in clutch pull. I found the Stryker clutch to be a little bit stiffer than the Honda VTR996 I came off of. Not overly stiff, just a little. Got used to it pretty quickly.
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