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Cobra 2-1 slip-on

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I was wondering if anyone had installed the cobra 2 into 1 slip on? I saw them on their website and they have a youtube link to how it sounds. I really liked the way it sounded in the video, I know that probably is not a perfect indication. I liked the price as well, because my mod money is pretty scarce and I might be able to swing this with the wife. The only problem is right now they only have them in chrome. I emailed them and asked about the black for the Raven. They responded and said that most likely in the next 30-60 days they would have the black. I thought it strange that they wouldn't have tried to get the black out as quick as possible, because if this forum is any indication Raven is outselling the other 2 colors in a big way.
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I called cobra 2 weeks ago and they siad they were in production and shuould be out in a couple of days but that story did not hold true.
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