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Well, as my first post I would like to say I have been riding since I was 6 so this gives me about 42 years of riding experience, Definitely a junior to the forum world but not to riding.

Here's my GiG, I have a 2011 Stryker with Cobra FI 2000 auto-tune, Cobra Proflo Air intake and Cobra Dragsters. Oh by the way Big City Baffles too....

O.K. Cobra poster boy I guess.

I did Dyno it and boosted H.P. about 10 hp and Torque about 10 ft/lb

Bike is quick for 1300

But got the Dastardly Bog at low RPM waiting on new FI 2000

Got it to go away last night by unplugging stuff Kind of ??? 02/sensor but for me.

I feel I have wicked set-up.....Don't want to unplug stuff or change pulleys I want to plug and Play as advertised.

I will update after I install new tuner hopefully....I will not have to unplug stuff...02/sensor or replace pulleys.

As a final note I appreciate them trying to fix this for me, I hope Cobra comes to my rescue just want a smooth ride.

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what'd you cap the plug with?
I left the sensor in the bung on the pipe but eventually I will get a threaded plug tightened into it.

Picture please
I have this 3M Scotch electrical tape that stretches tight and only sticks to itself, very rubbery stuff (Aircraft stuff)and all I did was make a few wraps around the plugs so water and grime can't get in.
Then I used some very small tie wraps (Panduits) around the tape to secure it for life!

After I finished it up I started kicking myself for not shoving some dielectric grease in them first to keep out moisture completely and avoiding any false signals.
That stuff works great to keep out moisture in electronics, I use it all the time in relay and fuse plugs and main harnesses on snowmobiles.

Sorry, no pictures.:tsk:
Then it's just a simple task of tying the bundle up and tucking it behind the side covers.
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