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Cobra FI2000R Question???

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Does anyone know if the the Cobra FI2000R for a V-Star 1300 work on the Stryker?? Could save myself some cash if it does...I found the one (11stryker) got for around $500 CVT-- but the one for the vstar 1300 is only $198 shipped. Any help on this is greatly appreciated :D Thought they were the same engine and should work??
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My understanding with these units ( any fuel management system ) is that it doesn't matter what bike they go on. As long as you can program the unit and it is not a fixed program. The only reason you buy bike specific units is so they are adapted to fit your bike for direct plugging in. If you use a unit that was bought for a specific bike you'll have to change or cut the wiring to fit. Other wise these companies would have to make a **** load of different units and this would really cut into profits.
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