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Cobra FI2000r settings

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Anyone else out there using the Cobra FI2000R with the Cobra Powerflo intake? Just curious what settings you are using? are they close to the settings in the manual that came with the fuel programmer?
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I am running a Fi2000R tuner and also have the cobra proflo air intake- current settings are a 2.5, 6, 6. I spoke to Cobra about the bike stuttering/hesitating and they recommended that I adjust the pods 1/2 turn at a time. The bike still is not running the way I wish so I ordered the CVT tuner. I am working with my dealership to get a credit on the FI200R, but as of right now it looks like I am going to eat the $250 for the Fi2000R.

My recommendation to you would be to keep adjusting it 1/2 a turn until it comes around. Make sure to put some miles on it between adjustments though, the bike needs time to react to the change in the tune.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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