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Cobra PowrFlo Air Intake System

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Stumbled across this baby today. Some of you Cobra exhaust guys might like this. It comes in black or chrome with a K&N filter. I'm personally going with the spike style so I wont be ordering, but curious on how this would really look. Anyone wanna jump first??? Just post some better pics with different angles.

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Looks way better in black.
I agree. And it should match the black cobra pipes since it's a cobra product. Another advantage.
The short black spike is pretty sweet but maybe this if it fits??? Might look good for the Raven owners who want to keep some chrome. They're definitely proud of that thing at $470 tho. Claims 10+ horse power on a HD.

Deuce269 said:
What do you guys think, Difference between brands? Or is it all just looks?
I'm curious too. Doesn't a hypercharger differ from a regular ram intake? I think the butterflies on the intake open with throttle twist on the hypercharger right??? The Kuryakyn looks like it will, but still not sure about the Cobra. Did the one on the Fury you saw look like it did?
Yeah can you post a picture of the front where the air would come in???
Looks awesome!
1 - 6 of 50 Posts
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